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NCAA Basketball Tournament Betting

In the last decade college basketball has vastly increased in popularity. Fans all over the United States and UK School Games cannot wait until the tip-off to the season and especially the big NCAA Tournament known as March Madness and the Big Dance. The Big Dance is when people take off work and watch the games hoping they are right in the brackets that they filled out. All of the games in the tournament have odds, which bettors can wager on. There is no lack of betting action for games in March Madness and you do not need to head to Las Vegas to make wagers or even to check out the betting odds for each of the games. At the same time, visit for their explanation on where to find the best no deposit bonus codes and casinos. The former can be redeemed for deposit and no deposits spins and cash to play quality slots and keep what you win. These games are perfect for sports fans, thanks to plenty of sports-themes that slots have to offer.

If you want to wager on March Madness, but are not sure how to do so here is a little tutorial on wagering on basketball lines. If you check out a sportsbook for a game and you see a line like Duke -12 vs. North Carolina +12 it means that Duke is the favorite in the game and will be giving 12 points and UNC is the underdog and will be getting 12 points. If you bet on Duke in this game they must win by at least 13 points, since they will be giving 12 points, for you to win the wager. If you bet on UNC they will have to either win or lose by less than 13 points for you to win the wager. If Duke wins the game by 12 points, which is exactly the spread posted by the sportsbook, then the bet considered a push and you will get your original bet back. This is the reason that many of the spreads have a .5 after the posted number, as there is no way a point can be scored so with any wager with a .5 there is no chance at the tie.

A professional gambler can bet on college hoops once the college season is in full swing and especially during March Madness with all the games and betting possibilities. You can win some serious green by wagering on college basketball if you are successful doing so. Every single weeknight, with the exceptions of Fridays, there are many games at the Division 1 level to bet on since they are more than 100 teams. There is a big difference between the top teams and the bottom feeders, which is why the spreads will vary so much in the college game. You can beat the bookmaker by handicapping games and making smart wagers, which is the best way to be successful and make money wagering on games.