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Betting on The Commonwealth Multi-Sport Games

More often than not, sports fans are more aware of games that are held annually and are more common than other Sports events. Contrary to what some may know, there are numerous sports events held in different points of time with some being held only once every 4 years. The revered Commonwealth Games is just like this and yet, it still remains as one of the biggest sports event throughout the Commonwealth Countries and even beyond. Some may think that waiting for an event for 4 years may seem pretty boring but, many would surely disagree as there's no doubt that the 4-year-long wait would be worth it. Of course, what's going to be a bummer is if you don't go and bet on the Commonwealth games, given its rarity and brilliance that's only on par with the Major sports leagues of US.

Just like the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games involves multiple sports during the course of its season and you'll surely be able to satiate your cravings for some sports actions during its span. Although not all games may be covered by bookmakers, those that are covered will also be more than enough to give you huge betting opportunities. Here are the sports that you'll be able to see in the CW Games.

Commonwealth Games

Whether it be the Commonwealth Youth Games or the Commonwealth Games, you'll have your fair share of awesome sports experience. There are sports in this category event that are considered to be the core of the event while there are also those that are considered optional and may or may not be included in a certain CW games event.

The Core CW Games include the Commonwealth Games Badminton, Athletics, Para-Athletics, Boxing, Road Cycling, Hockey, Artistic Gymnastics, Judo and Lawn Bowls. There are also the optional ones which include the Archery, 3x3 Basketball, Cricket, Mountain Bike and Para-Track Cycling, Diving, and Rhythmic Gymnastics. Of course, there are also other games which may not have been mentioned but, this further solidifies the point of just how many games there are in this multi-sports events.

All-Time Top Countries in The Commonwealth Games

The more a country win, the more likely you'll want to bet on them during the Commonwealth games. Although you would still have to research more about the teams involved, knowing the all-time top countries would surely be able to give you some insights as to what you should expect. Australia has managed to nab the most amount of Gold Medals in the event, followed by England, Canada, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Scotland, Kenya, Nigeria and Wales. They have all won their fair share of gold, silver and bronze medals, and are considered to be the most anticipated countries during this event.

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Keep Betting on CW Games

With its current momentum still steaming hot than ever, you can expect that the Commonwealth games would remain present in the Sports industry in the following decades. It comes every 4 years and although that may be quite long, this is more of a reason for you to consider joining the excitement and putting your bet on various commonwealth games or even commonwealth youth games.